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A start-up based in Riyadh, backed by Ajlan & Bros Holding

YOX is a Saudi Arabian company that is revolutionising digital ownership by enabling everyone to own the world's most premium collectables.

Mission at YOX

Empowering people to collect the finest collectables of the world — that's the heart of YOX.

At YOX, the mission is to enable everyone to own the world’s most premium collectables.

An Ajlan & Bros Holding investment

YOX is proudly supported by Ajlan & Bros Holding through Sandsoft, who provide strategic guidance and resources to help YOX achieve its goals.

About Ajlan & Bros Holding

Ajlan & Bros Holding is a Saudi Arabian company with a diverse portfolio of businesses. The broad spectrum of industries within which the company proudly operates include Energy, Entertainment, Environment, FCMG, Finance, FinTech, Gaming, Healthcare, Industrial Manufacturing, Logistics, Military, Mining, Real Estate, Retail, Technology, Tourism, and Water. The company has a long history dating back to 1979 and is known for its commitment to excellence and innovation

Ajlan & Bros

Accomplished & esteemed execs

The YOX leadership is comprised of executives with expertise, experience, and impressive track records of successfully navigating digital projects and technology towards their objectives.

Abdulaziz Mohammed Al Ajlan

Managing Director

A highly-respected investor and director with a thriving business portfolio.

David Fernández

Chief Executive Officer

Charismatic and pragmatic executive with 20+ years digital industry and technology experience.

Jason Saunders

Head of Product

Multi-founder, product and growth focused, with history of leading roles (prev. $100M rev), and now accelerator of ground-breaking start-ups, defining strategy within e-commerce and tech.

Seasoned e-commerce & tech experts

The YOX team is comprised of professionals with extensive experience in e-commerce and tech, who are each strongly committed to delivering a platform that pushes the boundaries of what’s possible.

Valerio Leo

Tech Lead

Spearheading transformative innovation for over a decade, Valerio merges award-winning hacking prowess with entrepreneurial acumen, leading some of the smartest teams in the crypto domain and beyond.

Tom Allison

Design Lead

A leading designer of e-commerce and tech products, creator of brands and communities, and a founder of crypto companies (prev. 50+ people, raising $6.5M).

Mohammed El(Hafiz)

Partnerships Director

In love with ‘biz-dev’ and building hyper-growth partnerships and an advocate for tech that connects people together.

Mohamed Ismail Amara

Content & Marketing

Senior tech content writer with a knack for crafting immersive content that bridges the gap between blockchain and mainstream.

Saud Hussain

Senior Software Developer

Passionate software engineer on a mission to reshape the digital landscape. I like to architect and develop the backbone of digital experiences.

Noor Alwazir

3D Art Lead

Multi-disciplinary designer with cross-industry expertise in bridging creative branding and strategy, specialized in crafting compelling narratives into cool and effective visual experiences.

Taras Zaika

3D Artist

Passionate 3D designer and digital artist, who produced hundreds of thousands of NFTs between 2020–2022. The total time of my video views is enough to live a few beautiful lives, so don't forget to live yours!

Michalis Ghiumiusliu

Software Engineer

Experienced software engineer with a passion for innovation and technology. Dedicated to crafting outstanding user experiences and driving technological advancement.

Agnieszka Majchrowicz

UX Designer

A seasoned UX Designer committed to creating meaningful and user-oriented solutions, eager to take on challenging projects that can significantly impact user experiences.


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Risk warning

YOX does not provide investment advice and individuals should make their own decisions or seek independent advice. The value of collectables can go up as well as down and you may receive back less than your original investment.

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